Eating Greeneville

Farming, bartering and foraging for meals in East Tennessee.

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You Can, Can.

Whole Peeled Garden Peach Tomatoes.

Whole Peeled Garden Peach Tomatoes.

After 6 years of farming I have concluded that farming is all about excesses and failures.  Lucky for us, that these excesses lead to year round abundance.  I started a lot of traditional varieties of sauce tomatoes like Amish Paste and San Marzano but it was a bit too early and they did not make it out of the greenhouse this season.  This is totally fine with me because a few years ago I started canning this heirloom variety of tomato called Garden Peach that falls in between a large tomato and a cherry tomato in size.  The thick skin peels off easily after being blanched and I’ve enjoyed them for 2 winters now in soups, chillies, stews and braises.

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