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Farming, bartering and foraging for meals in East Tennessee.

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Margherita Farinata Bread (not Gluten Free Pizza)


Farinata (also knows at Cecina in Italy and Socca in France) is an unleavened bread very simply made of chickpea flour and water.   People have been eating Farinata WAY before everything that doesn’t contain wheat was dubbed holy and labeled “gluten-free”.  And it is upon principle that I refuse to call this “gluten-free pizza” which it actually kinda is.  Not eating wheat for every meal doesn’t have to have a label and a special diet and make you feel special.  It’s the way a lot of people have been eating for many many centuries.  It’s called moderation.  I love a good wood-fired sourdough pizza crust bubbling away with little black bubbles all around the outside, but sometimes I like the deep dish feel and nutty flavor of farinata as a pizza crust.

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